Name: Not Available

Date: 2019-04-11

Location: Raymond Cataract, Mt. Washington, NH

Inbounds/ on-piste vs backcountry/ off-piste: Backcountry/ off piste

COD: Avalanche

Detailed description: Paraphrased from a VTSkiAndRide.com post

According to a report by Frank Carus, the U.S. Forest Service’s lead snow ranger and director of the Mt. Washington Avalanche Center: “A solo skier, skiing Raymond’s Cataract triggered a wind slab above the waterfall zone as the terrain rolls over. The victim was buried about a meter deep.  It appears he was buried for 1.5 to 2 hours. We dug him out and he was breathing, but cardiac arrest soon followed. We worked on him at the scene with vigorous CPR.”

A snowcat and emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, as well as a helicopter from the Dartmouth Hitchcock Rapid Transit team (DHART). The victim died before he could be airlifted from Pinkham Notch. The skier’s name has not yet been released.


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